The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular Caribbean countries that tourists and travelers love to visit. This quiet country was discovered by Columbus way back in 1942. Its first inhabitants were the Tainos and within a few years, the country was visited and explored by Europeans.

Dominican Republic holidays

Today, the Dominican Republic is a holiday hotspot for tourists from around the World. It has a very nice tropical climate that a lot of people love, complimenting an array of beaches where you can enjoy the warm waters. Stroll the beaches, dip your toes in the water and feel the sand on your feet – it’s all here in the Dominican Republic. There are also mountainous areas within the Dominican Republic, home to fertile land used to grow tropical fruit and crops. National Parks are plotted around these areas, including the Los Haitises National Park, Jaragua National Park, National Park Isla Cabritos, and a lot more.

Explore the Island of Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has five regions you can explore. Each region has something different to offer. You can visit the Metropolitan Area where you can find a number of popular beaches in the country and experience the food and local crafts, which is home to tourists during the holiday season.

The Eastern Plains and the East Coast is where you can find a number of Dominican Republic hotels, resorts and top accommodation. You can also go to The Eastern Cibao and the Bay of Samana, also known as Paradise on Earth. If you want to see more of the country’s mountains and terrains, you can go to The Western Cibao and the North Coast. For those who want to spend some quite time with nature, you can visit the uncommercialized region of the Dominican Republic – The Enriquillo Valley and the South.

Dominican Republic History

Santo Domingo is the capital city of Dominican Republic. It is actually the oldest European city in Latin America. It has a tropical climate perfect for any type of getaway. It is a hub of eco-tourism, cultural destinations, and museums and Latin culture

Some of the places to see here are the Colonial Zone, Malecon, Alcazar Colon, World of Ambar Museum and a lot more. You can also join fun festivals in the city including the Meringue Festival and the Spring Carnival. The official language in this country is Spanish. Monetary unit is peso indicated by RD$.
The best time to visit Dominican Republic is from December to February. You can also go here during the Semana Santa from July to August. The weather is great at these months, but expect travel prices to be a bit high.