Shopping in the Dominican Republic

A great tourist destination like the Dominican Republic will not be without a plethora of shopping stores for locals and tourists to enjoy. There is a wide array of commodities and souvenirs that you can buy here if you’re a tourist, perhaps something to remind you of the beauty of this part of the Caribbean.
The Dominican Republic has a diverse culture as represented by their artwork. There are various collections being sold in the country that contain strong influences of other countries such as Africa, Spain and Haiti. The artwork on sale is popular amongst tourists who want a visual image of the Dominican Republic to take home. The themes of the various artworks in the country are centered on the locale’s everyday living. You can also buy inexpensive sculptures in terracotta and mahogany here.
If you are a lover of good beer and wine, you can buy various local and imported alcohol in the Dominican Republic usually cheaper than at home. You can find various stores in most populated areas in the country where you can buy a variety of beers, wines and alcohols.
You can take home with you some of the best locale drinks as a souvenir, including rums from Brugal, Bermudez and Barcelo, which are the most popular in the country. While you’re here, don’t forget to try President, the most popular local beer that impresses a lot of beer lovers from all over the globe.
Where there’s alcohol, there are cigarettes and cigars. You can find a number of cigarette vendors from almost every corner of the country. You can buy several brands sold by the pack or carton. Cigarettes are sold here cheaply, with Marlboro being locally produced.
On the other hand, if you are a cigar lover, the Cibao Valley is one of the top producers of cigars in the country. You can buy the famed Cuban cigars in all types and brands. You can also shop for luxury cigars at specialty cigars stores all throughout the country.
Coffee is a popular product grown in the areas Cibao Altura and Bani. Coffee grown in the Dominican Republic has a rich flavor and low acidity. The bestselling brand in the country is Santo Domingo packaged in white bags.
A popular souvenir from the Dominican Republic is the faceless doll made from ceramic or clay. They are dressed up in traditional clothes in various poses representing the different livelihoods of the country. You can find some dolls milling coffee or with pots on their head. These dolls are made popular by Liliana Mera Limé, thus its name, Limé Dolls.
If you’re looking for cheap jewelry, the Dominican Republic is your haven. You can find great jewelry designed by the locales and you can take home inexpensive bracelets, earrings, necklaces and anklets of all kinds. You can find special jewelry sold in most souvenir stores, gifts shops and hotel stores. You can also buy semi precious jewelry that carries gem stones. There are also traditional jewelry made from gold and silver that you can buy.

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