Things to do in the Dominican Republic

The tropical climate of Dominican Republic makes it a top destination in the Caribbean. Not only can you do a lot of water activities here like swimming and surfing, you can actually do a number of stuff that you can enjoy with your family, with your special someone or just by yourself.
Being a tropical country, you can find a lot of beautiful places that you can visit in the country. You can see the beautiful sunset on the different beaches here. You can also trek the highlands, terrains and valleys all over the country. There are various ways on how you can do your sightseeing trip. You can go on a road trip or view the beautiful sceneries during a mountain biking trip. If you are physically fit, you can go trekking the mountains of Dominican Republic, which is best experienced if you are with your group of friends.
Party at festivals
Popular festivals in the Dominican Republic are the Spring Carnival and the Meringue Festival. This is a great time for real partying and dancing. This is the perfect time where you can dance all night long. The streets are much alive during this time of the year so make sure that you have a lot of energy to catch up with the locales!
Drinking spree
The Dominican Republic has a wide array of great tasting local beers and cocktails. You can also go to the various bars in the country to grab your favorite bottle of imported alcohol. Santo Dominigo is filled with numerous nightlife venues catering for all musical tastes.
There are a number of sporting activities available in the Dominican Republic. One of the more popular sports that you can enjoy is Baseball. This is tagged as the country’s national leisure activity and main sports of the locales. Not only males, but women love this sport too!
Where there is water, there is fishing! Fishing is one of the top things you can do in Dominican Republic. You can go offshore fishing on the coastal resorts in the country. You can have your local travel agent or even your hotel, to arrange fishing activities for you and to take you to various top fishing sites in the country.
Whale watching
The seas of Dominican Republic holds a lot of treasures. Aside from the breathtaking views, whales frequent the waters which make for a great sightseeing activity. The whales visit the country anytime from January to March.
Aside from getting a tan and dipping in the beaches of Dominican Republic, you can also your hand at windsurfing. This country is one of the top destinations of windsurfers because of the great waters and climate. The best locations for windsurfing is around the Cabarate located at the north coast. If you do not have your own equipments for windsurfing, worry not, there are various stores offering it on a rental basis.

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