Water Sports in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, being a tropical country close to water, offers fantastic water sports activities throughout the holiday season. Several types of quality water sports are available throughout the country.
If you want to see the world down under, but you are not ready for a professional dive yet, you can go snorkeling. This is a fun way to get a glimpse of the sea world where you will be amazed to see a lot of the hidden treasures. Punta Cana is one of the more popular snorkeling sites in the country that you can visit.
If you want to take snorkeling to the next level, you can go diving. The Dominican Republic offers some of the best diving sites in the world. There are a number of trained divers that can teach you the basics of diving if you have never dived before. You can also go with a group on a diving tour. Some of the popular diving sites in the country are Parque Nacional Submarino La Caleta, Juan Dolio, Isla Catalina and Isla Saona.
Where there is water, there is surfing! There are a number of surfing sites that you can visit in the country. You really do not need a wetsuit when surfing because as the water temperature is generally high enough. Some of the best surfing locations in Dominican Republic are in Playa Encuentro, Playa Canal, Playa Grande, Playa Preciosa, Playa Bahoruco, Playa El Chinchorro and Playa Los Patos.
If sea adventures are your thing you can go on a white water rafting trip! Because there are many mountains in this area, you have a number of options for this activity. You can go down the Bahía de Montecristi that will lead you to Yaque del Norte. You can also go the Jarabacoa village where you can also white water raft. There are many drops to experience in this location, including the famous ‘Mike Tyson’ drop, with its very intense water surges.
This unique water adventure entails one to climb up a mountain then jump or slide down the waterfalls. You can also go down rappelling then jumping in a river below. If you are into canyoning, you might want to carry some safety equipment, which is usually provided by the tour operator. Some of the popular sites in this kind of adventure are in Rancho Baiguate, Salto Jimenoa, Salto Baiguate, and Aguas Blancas.
If you are a lover of speed, then hiring a speed boat is for you! There are a number of calm waters where you can cruise around and take in the scenery on your own private tour. A variety of boats are available, from two-seaters to luxury yachts.. Some of the popular places where you can take a ride aboard a speed boat are in Bavaro and other coastal beaches.

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